One Ton C/V And Flanges

This is a Patent we just received on our flange. We offer it to mount a 1350 C/V off of

 many transfer cases with 32 spline outputs.

US d462,256 S   


Why would you build a rig with one ton running gear just to loose it in the driveline?

In my opinion running a 1/2 driveline as a weak link up against a 38" tire is not a good idea- It will

always leave you right where you don't want to be-In most cases a one ton upgrade 

on your driveshaft runs less then a spare 1310 c/v !


Here is a fine example of 1/2 ton stuff where it does not belong.


 We sponsor rigs who run our patented flange and 1350 C/V shafts in rock crawling

 competitions -and mud racing and also truck pulling.





Doing a little testing on the new 37 D c/v - 06-18-09 



         Our 1350 C/V joints are grease able in the center but you will have to pull the

 driveline though. 





  All our C/V's run seals and are re-worked to be stable under extreme conditions. This is a modifiaction

we do on all of our 1350 c/v 's its included in your purchase and Its 

what set's us apart from our competitor .






Here's a new C/V sealed and max angle  at 42 degree's and clear many transmission pans.

 This is a fix for a 10-15" lifted Chevy truck front drive shaft.


32 degree's flex max- even running the seals and still operating down the freeway.


and our 1410 slip 18" travel here bomb proof! 


1350 Constant Velocity Joint


With our Patented flange below, It fits the 205 New Process (all 205's ), STaK 4x4

 Monster Box, Atlas 32 spline, and Dana 300 with the upgraded output from

       Advance Adapters

  The 1350 C/V on the rear output of a 205 new process is shown here.


Here is our driveline emergency brake set that is cable operated.

                             This is my own truck shown here.


A New Application for the Atlas ll is shown here on the drivers side front output.

 Offered as an add on if you already have our One Ton C/V .


This is the new 208 slip yoke style c/v replacing the cheesy Cadillac C/V others have

 used for some time. This unit is the same quality you will get from the regular 1350

 C/V we have been building for some time now.











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