Toyota Parts



These are the 32 Spline to Toyota flanges they can be made for all Toyota bolt patterns 

 there are at least 12 different patterns so call for yours-

 This is our new c/v for Toyota's with single cases and higher angles - Its not cheap- They start 

around 875$ range- its a 49 degree custom c/v 



This is why we like non c/v toyota parts they have allot of angle- Now if you had a single case truck 

this would work well- but have vibrations  above 5 mph- these shafts without core run around 445.00 

with the right core were looking at 325.00 for our long travel and thicker tubing- 

Our Toyota long travel shafts are the best on the market for a few reasons -we use factory Toyota cores

and our spline and tubing is better then factory- you will see some over sea's parts with welded caps be careful

these parts are not a press fit like they should be- 

Now offering factory oem Toyota bolts- and also U joints c/v and non - starting at 33.00 each-

Toyota stuff enters the Koh Arena -here's the best Toyota rear shaft made on the planet- 1 1/2 trophy truck slip dual sleeve made for Chris 

and the front 2 piece shaft - using our 29 spline midship the strongest on the market along with Stainless steel carrier bearing 



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