2003-2008 Rubicon upgraded c/v driveline


                 We believe in doing it right the first time, making it just as strong as factory or

 better and also having a happy customer to tell friend about our shafts.

  these are one ton rated -not like some competitors using 1/2 ton parts to save money-

the factory driveline was 3/4 ton to begin with-why in the world would you down grade ?


 We now have a 1350 series direct bolt up shaft for the '03 and newer Rubicons.

      With no a dampener removal required. These are 32 degree capable and grease

 able center c/v. 





We also offer a dual c/v shaft for the front of some. Making the caster setting is good

for driving without loosing the smooth ride caused by the lower pinion angle.

 Call for pricing.

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