F-250,F-350, and Excursion Shafts

We have shafts for these 4x4's, making these lifted from 2" to 30".

These will all run smooth. They will not have any take off shutters or highway

 vibrations caused by angles. 

   We will give some pricing along with system's and

 reasons why.

2011 f-250 and f-350's now run a slip yoke style into the transfercase this will require new measurements please call



F-250 and F-350 trucks from 1999 and up are mostly using 2 piece driveline's in the

 rear main shaft. Some people try to drop the carrier bearing bracket to fix

 the problem. This process does not fix all of it.  Our system adds a C/V to the center

 of the shaft and brings your carrier bearing to the stock position with no shims in the

 kits up to 10" lifts. The approx. cost on single c/v shafts up to 10" lifts is $750.00

(with a core charge of $250.00 extra but refundable when core sent back.) 

On the front shafts we recommend on all models with lifts over 8" to have our

           42 degree C/V for more angle as well as our longer slip joint allowing

 compression that is needed in most.

 Pricing is starting at $895.00. For modified long slip fronts up to 8" pricing  starts at


Craig's Excursion 

Excursion's are a single shaft C/V with lifts up to 18" and most lifts up to 6".

They do not require a differential angle change.

Shafts are running at $419.00 and up.

 Excursions with lifts above 18"

 We have a triple C/V with a custom cross member

 that will need to be installed. Call for pricing.

Here's some pictures of what and where we need measurements from.


This is what we call an end yoke. We measure where the u bolts or straps touch

 the yoke to the center.


On all 2 piece shafts we measure from t-case side flange face to center of the carrier

 bearing bracket and the center carrier bearing bracket to either center joint (end

 yoke) or flange face (mostly 2002 up.) I will have pictures soon of the

 driveline installed and pictures showing these points if this makes no sense .

                 Jim's rig in Texas is sporting a 24" lift flag sticker valued at $8,000

             and our dual 1350 c/v for street drive ability.

Drew from Jersey of Precision CNC.

This rig has our 4 piece shaft with dual c/v on the rear shaft.

Anything is possible! 


Tazers rig from Florida is sporting a 30" bag lift and our tipple C/V


and Marty's ride is shown here.

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